FLAWED explores the body-related insecurities of women, by exposing the intimate rituals we perform in front of the mirror
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I’ve always had issues with the way I look. So, every time I pass even a vaguely reflective surface, I find myself performing the same old rituals - sucking in my neck and tummy, tilting my head to a more flattering angle. It’s a futile exercise, but it makes me walk away feeling a little better about my appearance. After talking to other women I realised that everyone does this in some way or another. FLAWED is my way of shining a light on these private moments in front of the mirror with our so called flaws. It hopes to make other women see that they are not alone, and that everyone has hangups of their own. Thank you to all my brave and beautiful friends who shared their most private insecurities with me, and agreed to be part of this animation.

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