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My Mom's Best Friend

“My Mom's Best Friend”
"My Mom's Best Friend" is a heartfelt film about Liya, a young dancer struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Joined by Lili, a spirited little girl, they embark on a magical journey of self-discovery. As they explore a hidden world of music and dance, Liya confronts her doubts and fears, contemplating the future of her unborn child. Guided by Lili, Liya realizes that the decision to become a mother is not confined to a simple 'yes' or 'no.' For many women like Liya, the genuine response is often "I don't know," and this uncertainty is perfectly valid and acceptable.
"Embarking on the journey of crafting Liya and Lili's story in March 2022 felt akin to navigating uncharted emotional terrain. As both characters, I embodied the conflicting dynamics of a hesitant, struggling adult and a brave, determined girl. This imaginative duo, born in the recesses of my mind, unfolded against the backdrop of my once-familiar, now-distant hometown, the old town of Nanchang. Throughout the filmmaking and feedback process, two questions persistently arise: 1. Is Lili a real girl or a product of imagination? 2. Does Liya undergo an abortion in the end? These are fair questions, although it's interesting that neither is my primary focus during the filmmaking. As the characters came to life, Lili, whether real or imagined, served her purpose – guiding Liya towards self-trust and completing her task. The mysterious facets of her identity invite varied interpretations, adding a layer of ambiguity that resonates with the nuanced nature of the story. Liya's ultimate decision regarding pregnancy holds no paramount significance to me. Her right to navigate this uncertain path without facing blame echoes the complex dance of motherhood. It's a dance one can choose to embrace or, if they prefer, dance solo through life—let’s celebrate that too. Drawing from personal experiences, my mother used to dance fervently when she desired to have her second baby, despite opposition from the rest of our family. The dance serves as a powerful metaphor for me, deeply connected to the right to control one's own body.
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