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In a private maternity hospital in a small town of Rajasthan, a female sub inspector comes out of ward unable to get any statement from the doctor who is beaten up and unconscious. The cop orders the constable accompanying her to interrogate the eyewitnesses and she deals with the other person (Tika Lal) involved in the fight. The interrogation turns into a confusing comical chaos as everyone gives a different version of why the fight happened, moreover the female cop adds to the absurdness by addressing Tika with derogatory renditions of his name like Fika (Bland), Papeeta (Papaya), Cheetah that leads him to misbehaving with the cop. Once the doctor regains consciousness, he refrains from filling a complaint against Tika but the female cop has enough reasons to arrest him. That is when the cop shows the birth certificate form collected from Tika before the investigation and points to name FALTU (Useless) he has chosen for his fourth daughter. That’s when he understands that all this while the cop was fooling him to understand the value of a name. Finally, when the cop goes back to the police station, we see her name on her cabin door – NARAZI SONI and end the film with revealing the infamous practice followed all over Rajasthan, where parents give derogatory names to the 3rd or 4th born daughter to show that they were unwanted.
This film is truly a passion project for me because of the subject it deals with. Two years ago, I came across a newspaper article that threw light upon a patriarchal practice of giving disrespectful names to the third or fourth born daughters in a family to denote them as unwanted. I was shocked after reading the article, I really wanted to do something to change this practice and I knew the only way I could was by using my creative voice. Patriarchy and societal pressure of having a boy are certainly the root cause of this problem but after doing research I understood that parents do not even understand something as basic as the value our name carries, and this plays an important factor in the continuation of this practice. My story revolves around the same concern. It’s a fictional drama that makes a chauvinist parent realise the value of a name by ruining his own name. I’ve used this simple trick to highlight the patriarchal practice and a solve for it. My sole aim is to create awareness about this practice so that as one we can take a step against it and even if this aim seems impossible, I wish to at least make people realise the value of a girl’s identity which begins with her name.
10 Minutes
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Paavni Wadhawan


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