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Pluto’s Eclipse

“Pluto’s Eclipse”
The evolution in Planet Pluto, which was ignored by the human race, as the Planet itself was neglected by the mankind for not being like the other planets. There are only two living creatures living far apart and unknown to each other in the open bare terrains of Pluto. Both the creatures meet and the Big Bang of evolution in Pluto begins. VOID A tribe with a fiery eye runs into the woods. His legs lose control on his path, his eyes start to blur and faints down inspite of him trying hard to stay strong and steady. COLLAPSE OF NEBULA: It’s a bright Sunny day, he searches for food here and there and goes to starving state and he collapses and faints. SUN – LUST - WAR He falls into a euphoric world with the music and lights flashing in his mind. He goes into a trance state, where he starts to live to the beats that he listens inside his mind and performs an enraged dance. He slowly realizes that a while ago the tribe had searched something very desperately in the woods. He walked miles and miles in the abandoned land. He sweats out all his energy in the scorching bright sun. Finally, he munches on some leaves to subside his hunger, which got him into the trap of intoxication. His illusions revolve around a beautiful mermaid sitting near the shore and he feels the breeze reaching out from her. Suddenly his illusions turn into a gruesome act of killing the mermaid by himself. This frightening illusion brings him back to the reality. PLUTO – GOD – STONE Her irresistible remembrance makes him search for her but in vain, he found nothing except a stone which brings out her resemblance. He tries to keep it safe and he worships the stone as God. From nowhere comes another tribe, with an appearance reflecting the shades of the Planet Pluto. He starts to envy the stone out of curiosity and considers it as a token of affluence. This intensely provokes the tribe to fight for his stone but the other tribe looks into his furious eyes and leaves the place. But he comes back with another stone and places it next to the tribe’s possession and decorates it. The tribe also imitates the same. The tribe lights up some fire in the cold night, eats and shares his food with the weird tribe inspite of the things that happened before. ECLIPSE – WAR - PAIN The tribe wakes up to his missing stone. The fight for their God begins here. The jealous tribe flicks the other tribe’s stone. He believes that the stone is the only way to feel her presence. He felt that losing the stone is losing the mermaid of his life. This turns to a rage and he searches it desperately, finally he spots him. An intense fight breaks between them and finally the tribe recklessly smashes his head with the same stone that he adored from the bottom of his heart. He sits below a tree with his blood-spattered body, an apple falls over him and he eats it. The Big Bang of Inequality started with the fight to satisfy hunger, the pleasure of being intoxicated, the lust for women and the pride for possession and the search for eternal divinity in God. The violence, the wrath, the exasperation has pervaded the blood of humans making this Planet, the land of war, turmoil and seclusion. The same happens with the Planet Pluto. It is excluded and secluded from the others. But nevertheless, it has its own orbit and is still revolving in its eclipse. THESIS We live in the world of Inequality. We have been worrying, talking and arguing about the prevailing inequality. But where could have been the Origin of the human mind to begin this? Going back to the Stone – Age, what could have been there need? Hunger was the first and undeniable need, food was needed to satisfy themselves. They started to fight for Food and Shelter, and then for lust, and then for intoxicants. So human created God to solve this, but ironically they created many Gods and again started fighting to establish their supremacy over the other. To acquire the Equality, the writer creates his own Plant Pluto. In his Planet, humans have no eyes, mouth and ears like the Three Wise Monkeys in the Japanese Pictorial Maxim. The senses that create war and enmity is void in humans making this place a peaceful Planet. Here, Time is God as we conceive Time as Gold.
Every film is like human, nothing can be the same, you may like few, you may hate few, you laugh and cry at few. Cinema overall is a world of humans.
Drama Fantasy
19 Minutes
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fabian adams


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