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Puck follows a summer's day of passion between the open-hearted American Mac and the mystical English Northerner David. During Mac’s London travels, they meet for a simple hook-up, but their chemical connection boils more romance to the surface than expected. Root beer floats and living room kisses lead to heartfelt conversations, but feelings are kept withheld under the boundaries of David having a fiancée. His open relationship allows for strictly casual sex, but how will the two navigate their immediate bond as their paths collide?
Is it possible to fall in love in an afternoon? When we think about the canon of greatest love stories there’s almost always an element of the forbidden involved. Orpheus and Eurydice, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve. It’s as if knowing that the love can never truly be, somehow makes it that much stronger. When there’s something so precious and fleeting it becomes sacred. But what happens when that something is a queer relationship that functions within its own rules? When there are no warring families or scheming Gods but instead our own self-inflicted limitations and fears? In this day and age, I’d like to think that there is more fluidity, liberation, and exploration in relationships than almost any other point in history. Studies show that we’re at an all-time high with out and proud queer people, open relationships are becoming increasingly destigmatized and finally, laws are beginning to become more inclusive of polyamorous lifestyles. This has created a vibrant culture of many people wanting to spread as much pleasure and kindness as possible, but simultaneously, as we’re living in such chaotic and overstimulating times, it’s easy for many to become hardened and disassociative as well. Some of us swipe through apps with a disconnected mind, treating human beings like trading cards and feeling terrified of true emotional intimacy. But what happens when someone goes into a hookup expecting something casual and gets the wind delightfully knocked out of them? Sometimes there are inexplicable collisions that crash into orbit and change the course of our lives. These connections can shock us and surpass logic - as if our pheromones are doing the talking for us. In "Puck" we explore what falling in love can look like when least expected, and how two lovers navigate such strong emotions when one has made other agreements preventing him from doing so. But is love something that can ever simply be shut off, or does it linger in our bones forever?
11 Minutes
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Rebecca Ozer


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