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The Dark Night of Her Soul

“The Dark Night of Her Soul”
LOGLINE: In the middle of nowhere, a young woman awakens after a mysterious assault. She travels to a nearby church for refuge only to be inexplicably wooed by a dark figure in this Gothic retelling of the spiritual odyssey, The Dark Night of The Soul by St. John of the Cross. SYNOPSIS: A young, injured woman awakens in the middle of the remote woods to find drag marks gouged into the ground, leading directly to where she lays. She runs in search of refuge only to be confronted with a mysterious, seemingly vacant church nestled at the edge of a gorgeous reservoir. Upon entering the church, she find a dusty gramophone, but despite her best efforts, can't get it to play. A dark figure manifests in a far corner of the church; a blackened, silent, faceless creature with talons who moves with such grace it's as if it exists outside of time. The young woman approaches the dark figure and it courts her, taking her hand and caressing her body, until the gramophone miraculously begins playing on it's own. The young woman dances, maddeningly and free. When the record ends, the dark figure vanishes, leaving the young woman desperate for its return. She runs out of the church and back towards the woods where she happens upon a grave. A wooden crucifix serves as its headstone. She digs into the freshly disturbed dirt to uncover a little wooden box. Opening it, she finds a burnt note... a message. The dark figure's nigh, watching her read the note from the treeline before turning and walking directly into the camera ~ it has successfully guided the young woman through her dark night of the soul.
"I decided to make this esoteric, little known phenomenon called, The Dark Night of The Soul into my debut short film because of both the challenge & its potential for strikingly Gothic visual beauty. The difficulty is akin to trying to translate the experience of heartbreak or melancholia to the screen with absolutely zero dialogue. It's an internal turmoil so difficult to articulate that words alone often fail. Speaking for myself, I'm not a great communicator & struggle with speaking to others about how I feel. Instead, ever since I was little my mind has conjured intense, and often disturbing, images like an assemblage of paintings hanging on a gallery wall to showcase my internal wars. I do wish The Dark Night of The Soul was more commonly known among secular crowds and my fellow generation, Generation-Z. It's my sincerest hope that my short film will spark an uprising of interest in the most famous work by St. John of the Cross as I wholeheartedly believe this experience of the Dark Night is far more commonly shared than isn't. Perhaps audience members will finish watching and think long and think hard about if this soul redefining abyss is one they've already sunken into and risen out from and didn't yet know it had a name... because there's immense power in giving something a name." - Laurel Elizabeth Hasara
Horror Drama
11 Minutes
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Laurel Elizabeth Hasara


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