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The Skytrain

“The Skytrain”
The world's first 8K, 8.5-minute experimental animated short film using "hands" as story characters. This short film tells a story about human love, ethics, war and the future from a unique perspective in a small train space. It is like a mirror reflecting the current situation of today's society and provoking our thoughts. This animated short film about "The Skytrain" is an experimental work based on the city I live in, Vancouver, with the hands on the Skytrain as the main characters. I think these hands on the Skytrain are a microcosm of our society, different types of people gather on the train, they come from different backgrounds, races and cultures, they have joy, sadness and uncertainty. Someone once said that "hands are the second expression of human beings", and This cartoon attempts to be a microcosm of our society that rich expressions through these different hands and tell their unique and colorful stories. The narrative method of this animated film does not focus entirely on a specific set of pictograms and stories, but with a kind of prose visual narrative unique to animation, using animation combined with the use of music, sound effects and dialogue, showing a kind of both real, but also unreal; both realistic, but also write a special mood, so that the audience watching the film wanders between reality and fantasy. The audience can feel the author's thoughts on real life, and also reap the pleasure and enjoyment brought by art.
2023 The Skytrain, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 8 min. 8K 2021 I am not an Angel, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 11 min. 4K 2020 Birds, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 4 min. 4K 2020 Pray, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 5 min. 4K 2019 The Music Box, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 11 min. 4K 2017 The Mandarin Garden, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 12 min. HD 2016 Rain Lotus, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 7 min. HD Animation. 2015 The Magic Train, Producer/Co-writer/Co-director/co-editor/Co-animator, 87 Min. Feature animated film. 2012 Fantasia China, Producer/Co-writer/Co-director/Co-editor/Co-animator, 45 Min. HD 2008 A Long-distance Call, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 12 min. HD 2007 Madame Zhang’s Dream, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 12 min. 2006 Ink, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 3 min. 2005 Father and Son, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 5 min 2004 Pan Tian Shou, Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Animator, 6 min. 2000 The Chinese Violin, Writer/Director/animator, 8 min.
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