This is closest to how the last weeks of March felt like
A personal account of the COVID-19 pandemic in America and its effects on an immigrant family as seen through the eyes of a student quarantined at his barren university.
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It was during the first month of the pandemic where the whole world was in panic mode. The colleges had begun to send students back, and the whole campus was covered in a gloomy aura. That was when a very loose idea for this film came to me. The campus was barren and the financial situation at my home was seemingly becoming worse and worse every day. There was a real feeling of the end of the times for me, and in that state of my mind I did the only thing that could’ve been done. I wrote about it, not knowing that a month later I would shoot it. The script was written based on real phone calls I had with my dad. Acting through the script with my father and reliving those hard conversations again with him helped us to regain some sense of control over a situation we were losing control over.

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