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In the serene realm of a mystical planet, RoRo, an elemental being, thrives in harmonious unity with others and the natural world. But one fateful day, RoRo's closest friend, LoLo, introduces him to an enigmatic concept: "Earth" – a place where existence is entwined with darkness, pain, and profound suffering. Enveloped in a cosmic elixir bearing an uncanny resemblance to LSD, RoRo embarks on a journey into the human realm. He traverses the spectrum of human experience from birth to an untimely end, each encounter unveiling increasingly somber and disquieting realities. Ultimately, RoRo finds himself adrift in a desolate void, engulfed by a profound sense of isolation and separation. LoLo, the guiding force, beckons RoRo back to the essence of "true reality." Returning to his celestial home, RoRo comprehends that it was all an elaborate illusion. His reaction, a ripple of laughter, echoes a profound truth, compelling the audience to reflect on the gravity and significance we attribute to life's trials and tribulations. This whimsical yet profound revelation challenges us to reexamine the seriousness we invest in the constructs we deem real.
"Transcendent" is a cinematic venture that holds profound personal significance for me as a filmmaker and an individual living with severe mental illness. Drawing from my own journey, this film is a testament to the power of storytelling as a means to explore the intricate tapestry of the human psyche. At its core, "Transcendent" delves into the interplay between altered states of consciousness and the fragility of our perceptions. The story follows an alien who, through the lens of LSD, ventures into the realm of humanity, only to grapple with a harrowing bad trip. This narrative offers a metaphorical journey that mirrors my own experiences of navigating the complexities of mental health conditions. As a director, my intent is to harness the medium of film to authentically depict the kaleidoscope of emotions, thoughts, and visions that intertwine in the minds of those like me, and open eyes to minds that may see the world differently than I do. The film's visual aesthetics are informed by my firsthand encounters with the blurred lines between reality and illusion, accentuating the malleability of our understanding. Guided by an extraordinary ensemble cast, including the remarkable Multi-Emmy-Award-Winning Tiffany Thomas, the luminous Broadway Star Ivy Vahanian, and the emerging super star & Award-Winning Actress Leslie Zemeckis (Yes--the spouse of legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis--but she is a legend all on her own). This collaboration fuses the power of artistic expression with lived experiences, encapsulating the essence of the human condition. With "Transcendent," I aim to illuminate the uncharted corners of mental landscapes, fostering conversations that break down modern day paradigms while nurturing empathy. The film's exploration of altered perception and the voyage towards self-discovery mirrors my personal journey and aims to resonate with audiences worldwide. Through this endeavor, I aspire to contribute to a broader dialogue on re-examining our values, hopefully returning more to nature, and seeing the world from an outsiders perspective. Janelle Christa Director, "Transcendent"
Drama Fantasy
18 Minutes
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Janelle Christa


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