This razor-sharp two-hander sees two longtime friends meet up for drinks at a tiki bar, only to find themselves in a bidding war for attention, with some telling omissions.
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My goal with Volcano was two-fold: First, I wanted to explore the denial and shame that exists in verbally abusive relationships. And second was to capture a messier female friendship and the distance that can creep in when friends are at different places in life. And make it funny! In this narrative, Hannah needs Jess’ assurance that her relationship with Mack is special – enviable even – and she isn’t getting that because Jess is taking her bragging as a personal affront. The truth is Hannah’s trying to convince herself that the good outweighs the bad. That it’s worth it. Because Mack’s her person. Because despite it all, she loves him. And it’s destroying her. The story is a personal one and it was important to me to treat Hannah’s revelation with nuance, but not shy away from how that kind of rage sounds. I’ve struggled to label my past relationship as abusive because it wasn’t physical. But it was abuse. It was “that bad”. I hope this film helps others to recognize and not minimize their own experience, and shows the damaging nature of comparing &/or competing with our friends as we move through life.

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