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Yotkan Ancient City was the capital of the ancient Khotan Kingdom, one of the Thirty-Six States of the Western Regions during the Han and Tang dynasties. It's a renowned historical site located in Hetian, Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang Fruit and Tourism Group, drawing inspiration from historical records, has faithfully reconstructed this ancient city using the architectural vocabulary of ancient Khotan. From June to August 2023, Jody Xiong directed a six-minute short film at the invitation of Yotkan Ancient City in Xinjiang, China, they aim to attract tourists to experience the magnificent of Yotkan Ancient City. The name "Yotkan" in ancient Xinjiang language translates to "blanket in the desert." Jody’s team unveil this "blanket" and explore the magnificent of Yotkan Ancient City, including its architectural aesthetics, historical culture, local customs, culinary delights, and traditional performances. Jody collaborated with musician Ma Shang You to create a song titled "A Thousand Years" dedicated to this ancient city. The film follows a young cyclist as he journeys through Yotkan Ancient City, witnessing moments that transcend a thousand years. It features scenes of a princess on horseback galloping through the desert; The trumpeter lying in the vast snowy wilderness soloing for the flock of sheep; a Uighur girl dancing on a rooftop; a soccer enthusiast agile as a hare on the trunk of a Populus euphratica; The elderly motorcycle couple, conversing affectionately about their love as they wander the world; Performers enveloped in 39 meters of emerald silk, resembling living sculptures in motion; The enchanting silhouette of a Loulan heroine running along the eaves of a red wall; powerful cuju matches beneath the Kunlun Mountains; a canoe shooting flames across a serene lake at night, and Tang Dynasty ladies with half-hidden faces playing pipa etc. This dreamlike and enchanting realm showcases the "magnificent" of Yotkan Ancient City to the world. The lyrics of 'A Thousand Years': Ancient blue in the sky, with two thousand years of clouds. Gazing at footprints, one step spans a thousand years. The gentle embrace of the Golden sand, dressed in the attire of the wind. Looking up, calling out, Oh~ the passage of time turns around. Here, I caress each grain of sand. Every grain soaked with words of love, with you in my dreams, Embracing my body adorned with starlight. Day and night, singing songs of passion. Caravans heading west stretch on, with the wind swirling the silk. Those who embark on distant journeys, one step spans a thousand years. The moonlight of those two thousand years, the sun of those two thousand years. Accompanying me, oh~witnessing countless reunions and separati. When children ride white horses, Fill their pottery cups with heartbeat and fine wine. In my dreams, you told me, This is eternal intoxication, as the dunes sing, The ballad of the sea. Strumming strings with the right hand, playing melodies of longing with the left, Among the wind and sand, above the vibrant fruits. Carving the path back to you, A promise waiting for a thousand years. So let me, Illuminate myself in the lantern lights of this night. People from afar, come to this place. So let me, Lead the lost caravan to the sky, Transform into the starry sky, with camel bells ringing in the distance. Golden rooftops, golden faces. Dancing in the wind, forever the bride. Moonlight radiating. With two thousand years, embracing the shoulders of loved ones. Sunlight remains resolute, thousand years of youth. Golden rooftops, golden wind and frost. A fiery voice resounds in the wind. Moonlight as arrows. With two thousand years, penetrating separations and sorrows. Sunlight remains resolute, thousand years of youth. In the lantern lights, I illuminate you and me, In the night of return, I look back and smile. A thousand years in an instant.
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Jody Xiong


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