Franco Volpi

I'm working on the script for a film based on my short film August Sun. It's a very personal, auteurist story set in Argentina, small in size and budget but big in scope and ideas that would do well in the prestige international film festival circuit. I'm also working on a project in the mold of international thrillers that could be adapted as a film or as a miniseries. Set in Vienna in the winter of 2003, a young man with a mysterious past is looking for his estranged father. It's something of a Bourne Identity/The Third Man/Tinker Tailor mix, blending old-school espionage thrillers with modern-day action films. It has far-reaching references to what's going on with the tilt towards far right politics across Europe, the UK and the US. An intelligent, high-end genre product that speaks directly to what we've been living through for the past several years.

In 2014 I moved to the UK to study at London Film School, chaired by Mike Leigh. There, I studied as a Writer, Director, Editor and in the Camera, Lighting and Sound Dept on numerous projects. I graduated with Distinction in 2018 with an MA in Filmmaking.


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